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(but you can call me Tottie like everyone else!)

I'm a serial entrepreneur, 3x bestselling author and digital content strategist dedicated to teaching career-based women of color how to translate their stories into content that sells.


My "stake" in the digital space came in 2016 when my family lost our childhood home (for the second time), and I was forced to find a new place to live without a job and a 2-year old on my hip. Instead of crawling in a hole and feeling sorry for myself, I pulled out my smart phone and vlogged the entire experience. This video caught the attention of thousands around the globe and to date, is still my most viewed piece of content on the internet.


Since losing our home the last time, I quickly gained a new sense of value in life after having to start over so many times. I learned how to improvise when it came to what I thought were life’s necessities (you know “hair done, nails done, everything did) and make money creating content online. But these weren’t the only valuable lessons learned. For the first time ever I realized the power in leveraging my day to day situations by turning them into content that could infiltrate people's lives. That's in everyday life and business.


Over the last decade, I've built a brand where creating relatable content from the boardroom, to my closet and life as a mom has always been at the forefront. Today, I remain on a mission to change the world, one acre of digital real estate at a time.

I created NatashaWeston.com as a hub to teach & inspire women of color on how tell their stories in style.

Now on to the nitty gritty of my professional career (because I know that's what some of you want). Within the last ten years, I've had the opportunity to work along side hundreds of small business owners who are building personal brands to become better leaders for tomorrow. My career actually began in 2010 immediately after dropping out of nursing school to pursue a career in the fashion styling industry. From my aunt's living room couch, I birthed my very first business and after almost two years of living in the Big Apple, I moved back down south and this is where much of my real career began. After spending several years juggling both my corporate jobs and entrepreneurship, I now own and operate Tot Spot Media and Ethel x Carrie full time from our headquarters in Summerville, South Carolina.

As of today, I've been recognized by The White House for my work in gender equality at the United State of Women Summit in Washington, DC, graced stages for corporations such as TD Bank and Google, and have been featured by an array of publications and brands such as Sheen Magazine, Live Civil, and Market America.


What is it that you do?

Great question! If I had to break it down, I'd do it like this: I focus on teaching career-based women of color how to translate their stories into content that sells. Overall, I own and operate two companies AND my personal brand. Business #1- Tot Spot Media: This is my creative content & digital marketing agency. We help small business owners to stake their place online through original content, strategic storytelling and marketable visuals. So basically, I help our clients level up their digital game! PS: Tot Spot Media produces both Tottie Tonight AND Table Talk with Tottie! Business #2- Ethel x Carrie: This is my online women's fashion boutique. And my personal brand: I create content about life, style and business for NatashaWeston.com and my social media platforms. I also work with brands as an influencer by simply sharing my favorite life, style and beauty products with my amazing audience (that's you BTW)!

Seems like you juggle alot sis! How in the world do you manage life, business, being a mom AND having a personal life?

Honestly, I don't believe in balance totally. I think it's a goal we all aspire to reach, but when you think about it none of us have every aspect of life equally balanced (nor will we ever). For me, there are times when business is great but on the other hand, I feel like I've been too busy to be totally present as a mom. Then other times, business could be slow but I get to hang out with my son and loved ones more. You see, no such thing as balance. What I like to do to make it feel like there is a leveled sense of control in all aspects of life is make sure the people around me are in alignment. I have a mom who helps me out tremendously with my son, a team who gets the vision and friends who keep me grounded.

What are your top three picks for online shopping?

First Pick- EthelCarrie.com (SHAMELESS PLUG!), Second Pick- Amazon.com, Third Pick- FashionNova.com

I'd love for you to host my upcoming event, speak on my podcast or interview you for my website. What should I do?

For an event, please complete the form at NatashaWeston.com/bookings and for anything else, you can reach out to me via email at hello@natashaweston.com!

What did you want to be growing up?

A fashion designer.

If I wanted to collab with you on a project, what steps do I need to take?

You can reach out to me via email at hello@natashaweston.com and include as many details about your project as possible, why you'd like to collab, benefits of collaboration, etc.

Your wig collection is impeccable! Where in the world can I find the best affordable options?

Why thank you!!! My wigs seem to get lots of attention and I do take pride in picking them out (after years and years of watching Youtube reviews lol). One of the reasons I created NatashaWeston.com was to share all of the best finds so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the site!




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