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- 10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars
- Dare to Live Your Dreams
- Brand You Like A Boss


Book Descriptions:


10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars: 25 year old entrepreneur, Natasha 'Tottie' Weston pulls together some of her most valuable experiences, practices and habits on how she started her business...all while working a full-time job. In "10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars," Natasha encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to step outside of their comfort zone and use the resources available to them right from their living room couch or office cubicle. This book reassures that it is indeed possible to kick start the business of your dreams with no money!


Dare to Live Your Dreams: Dare to Live Your Dreams is a straight talk guide for every dreamer. It speaks directly to the person who has a vision, but may be allowing dream killers to stop or stall their pursuits. This dream guide is filled with personal stories and experiences by The Motivation Maven™, Natasha Tottie Weston. She shares how she learned to identify and overcome things such as fear, procrastination, lack of money and support from family and friends. In addition to pinpointing common dream killers, Natasha also teaches the reader the power of getting started and how to stay in constant progression towards their lifelong dreams. With an open, honest approach and on a mission to reach dreamers from all walks of life, this book is sure to give you the courage and motivation needed to dominate your life and dreams once and for all! In this book, you'll get a deep look into: - How to identify Dream Killers and replace them with Dream Motivators - Tips for getting started at any stage in life - How to self-motivate - Dream Resources and exercises to help you along your journey - And much more! Get ready to take the barricades off your dreams! I DARE YOU!


Brand You Like A Boss: Whether you want to grow your business, climb the corporate ladder, or on a mission to leverage your influence, there is one common factor necessary to reach these goals: a personal brand. In today s digitally infested universe, it s been proven time and time again that in order to achieve any of these life goals, you ll need to focus on being YOU in the most genuine way possible. After entering the world of entrepreneurship as a college dropout, personal branding connoisseur Natasha Weston was quickly forced to shut down her first business. A few years later, she set out to launch what she thought was her personal brand, just to find crickets. This turned out to be one of the biggest lessons in her career: If no one knows your story,you won't truly make the impact that you were born to make. In Brand YOU Like A Boss, Natasha pens a no fluff guide to help you tap into, understand and cultivate your very own personal brand. In this book, she tells all about how she went from unintentionally crafting her blueprint to now having a brand that others are raving about. She also dissects what it takes to build the brand of you without hiding the most challenging components of your life. In this book you will find: - A real easy to understand approach to personal branding - What branding is vs what branding is not - Natasha's signature strategy for creating a personal brand - Tips for building your personal brand empire to communicate your message - How to monetize your personal brand - How to Give Your Personal Brand a Facelift - Personal Branding in the Workplace - And much more!

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