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I Flipped The Page...

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

There are some MAJOR changes happening as far as the direction of my brand.

For the last 4-5 years, I've had the most rewarding career as a coach and content creator specifically focusing on business and branding. I've written books on the subjects. I've created content that still to date get hits like you wouldn't believe. I've stood on stages speaking to employees at major corporations like TD Bank and Google. I've poured my heart into working with clients and providing some of my best knowledge, experiences and insight about starting and building a brand from scratch.

I would change absolutely nothing about any of this btw. In fact, all of this factors in to what I'm sharing with you today. In the last year, I've taken a much needed break from actively seeking clients, growing what was my business at the time and spending lots of time in prayer and in sync with God about what direction I should go in next for this season.

While I naturally kept wanting to gravitate to all of the reasons why I should strictly just stick to what "I know" and have been doing for so many years...I just knew that's not what I am called to do in this new season.

This brought me to a very life-changing revelation and I shared it on social media a couple of weeks ago:

Although if I were being 100% honest with self, I could have easily pinpointed the direction I really wanted to take my brand next...but I refused to FLIP THE PAGE.

I've been telling my story for almost a decade. Literally. Online and off. To people that wanted to listen and to those who just stumbled into my world.

And with each season and transition I made, I was able to creatively turn my life into a teaching tool for the women who were connected to me around the globe.

But then I realized something that almost shook me to the core.

Yes, you are reading your story to the world Natasha; but you're forgetting to flip the pages.

I recalled the process of reading a book and it became clear to me that no one (at least no one I've ever met) reads the exact page in a book more times than normal.

This gave me the last piece of confirmation I thought I needed to take a deep breath and give myself permission to flip the page.

To share a different chapter of my life, even if it meant starting from scratch again and losing many of the amazing people that I've connected with over the years was scary at first. But I am now excited and confident in this next chapter that will continue to elevate my brand and serve others at the same time.

So there you have it...the page has been flipped.

Photography- Kristen Gordon

My focus now is to help women to master the art of not looking like what you've been through with affordable styling + living. I am going to help millennial women mix the highs & lows of life and business in style.

In a nutshell, I'm going to be showing women all over the globe how to tell their story in style.

This includes:

- New content focusing on affordable style and living for women

- Helping women with their personal brand creative direction

- Outfit/Style Coordination Services for photo shoots, events, video content, etc.

- And much more!

The values that I am now focused on are: affordability, style and transformation for women all over the globe who want to build influential and profitable brands in the digital space.

I'll still be sharing content on branding and business from time to time (because it's just in my nature), but you'll have to mostly catch that on social media or in the digital courses that I've already created.

Coming very soon, I'll be revealing more details on this new chapter so stay tuned. If you want to join me on the other side of this new page, click here and I'll add you to my new email list!


Natasha 'Tottie' Weston