How to Plan Your Podcast Episodes in 10 Minutes Or Less

As someone whose been podcasting for almost 5 years (before it was the thing to do)...I’ll just tell you I had a FRONT ROW seat on the struggle bus of planning out my episodes, which caused me to procrastinate. It was like I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn’t figure out how to translate on paper.

Now...I’m literally able to get an idea, plan a topic, record, edit AND schedule my podcast show episodes out sometimes months in advance. Why? Because I’ve nailed a process that allows me to be productive and maximize my time thanks to the Launch Your Podcast Like A Pro Planner!

One of the keys I've found when it comes to being consistent as a podcaster, is my ability to plan ahead of time and batch record episodes. As a result of this, I was able to schedule out an entire season (12 episodes) ahead of time, allowing me more room to market and promote the show!

Here's my simplified podcast planning process all done right in my podcast planner:

  • Step 1: Do a brain dump and nail down your topic (because you need a main focus).

  • Step 2: Identify the questions your audience is asking around that topic.

  • Step 3: Make your episode outline based on the answers to those questions.

  • Step 4: Set a date to record and edit your episode.

  • Step 5: Ready, Set, Record!

Check out the Launch Your Podcast Like A Pro Planner here and start planning your podcast episodes like a pro!