An Easy Strategy to Find Your Next Content, Product or Service

I know you're probably racking your brain trying to figure out exactly what kind of content, product or service to create next that will bring you engagement, impact and income.

Do not fear...the Content Queen is here!

Here's my easy 2-step strategy for nailing what your audience WANTS and NEEDS!

Step One: Go and listen to as much of your recent consultations/discovery calls or interactions with customers or clients as possible. This is typically where you will hear many of the problems they are experiencing.

For example, my business Tot Spot Media conducts 20 minute consultations for potential clients who are interested in our creative content planning/strategy and digital marketing services. One of the most common things we hear when speaking with these individuals is that they lack time to sit down and figure out exactly what they should be posting on social media to build visibility for their brands.

Step Two: Pull out the things your client is telling you they struggle with, complain about and then match it to your zone of genius. If you don't already have a piece of content, product or service that matches what they are struggling with, this is the perfect opportunity to create it!

For example, once we've spoken to a potential client during a consultation, we then know what their problem is and we match it with a service that would provide the solution to that problem. As a solution for our clients lacking time and the creative skill to curate content, we provide one of our most popular services, the 21 Days of Content Plan which solves two problems: 1) Time- because we're doing the work for them and 2) Creativity- We send a questionnaire and from there, we curate custom content ideas specific to the client's brand. The plan is delivered to them and all they have to do from there is post it!

See how that works?! You can apply the same strategy to your business. Watch and see how you will have a never ending arsenal of content, product and services that cater to your target audience!

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